Troubleshooting service to identify the root cause of any issues, and fix them to prevent further damage.

We all know that, in business, things don't always go according to plan, or strictly conform to pre-set budgets.

We also know that human error can happen, and cause a few problems.
I can review the systems and financials, to identify where an error has occurred, and help to get it fixed. 

For example, if you had a purchase ledger clerk who went off long term sick, and someone has tried to keep it all going, but didn't really know what to do properly, and they had made quite a few mistakes. now you don't know who you owe what to. I can help with that, unpicking the incorrect transactions until we get back to the true position.

Another situation might be that you are just starting to use online accounting software, and just need some help in how to do it properly. I can set up notes to help you process your accounts in the right way, or help you find a bookkeeper to do it for you.