What do I do?

As with your car mechanic, who is there when you need them, I am there for you and your business, to keep it running
smoothly and efficiently and to fix any issues that crop up along the way. I help businesses to make decisions that are both effective (doing the right thing), and efficient (doing things in the right way).

This is a summary of the kind of things I can offer, but every client is different, and my services are totally driven by the client requirements and timescales.

Business MOT

A full wellness check for your business, showing any opportunities for quick wins to improve the results of the business


Ongoing support to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently, and heading in the right direction


Regular review to ensure everything is still on target to achieve your business goals


Troubleshooting service to identify the root cause of any issues, and fix them to prevent further damage

Route Planning

Planning and forecasting service to set out the goals and objectives for the coming year

Care Plan

This can include any of the other services, depending on the needs of the business, and can be flexed to suit your business